Shipping & Returns

For Parcels with a maximum weight up to 31,5 kgs, we charge the following packing and shipping costs: 

to Germany 8,90 Euro
to Austria 16,30 Euro
to Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg 17,25 Euro
to Denmark, Czech Republic 19,20 Euro
to France, UK, Monaco 23,80 Euro
to Romania
up to 5 kg
up to 10 kg
up to 20 kg
up to 32,5 kg

18,90 Euro
25,00 Euro
35,00 Euro
45,00 Euro
outside the EU  23,80 Euro

(including VAT)

In case of orders, higher than 150 Euros Goods Value,
we ship free of charge!

If your country of destination does not appear in the calculation, please contact us by e-mail.